Karen K. Real and Jennifer C. Isayev

Partnering with you for individualized hearing care.

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Obtaining hearing aids can be a daunting task, but we are here to make the experience as pleasant and manageable as possible. We use our experience, expertise and the latest industry standards to help you select and get comfortable with the hearing instruments that are right for YOU.

​At the hearing aid evaluation we will:

  • review your hearing evaluation, to help you better understand your communication situation.
  • listen to you tell us about your communication abilities and where you are having difficulty.
  • show you your choices of hearing instrument styles and discuss them with you, so that you are a partner in the hearing aid selection.
  • discuss and watch for dexterity issues, so we can decide the hearing instrument and battery size that you can manage.
  • discuss the cost of hearing aids and our program's purchase policies.  (deposit, 6 week trial period, return policy)
  • take the time and offer our expertise and experience to help you make the best decision about your hearing instruments.

​At the hearing aid delivery appointment we will:

  • set and program your hearing instruments with your audiological information and ear canal measurements.
  • verify the comfort of the fit of the hearing instruments.
  • verify the sound level of the hearing instruments.
  • show you how to use your new hearing instruments; and make sure you can put them in and take them out of your ears.
  • make sure you are able to use any controls that are available to you on your hearing instruments.
  • discuss your warranty and review how to care and maintain your hearing instruments.

​At your follow-up appointments we will:

  • make sure you are adjusting to using your instruments.
  • address any concerns regarding fit or sound.
  • review care, maintenance and warranty information.

Our Hearing Aid Program